Message from the President & CEO

Pursuing Toyota Tsusho group's corporate philosophy - living and prospering together with people, society and the planet - we aim to "Be the Right ONE".

Since the beginning of the year 2020, COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives and working styles, whereas economic activity is returning to pre-pandemic levels. Along with the increasing geopolitical risks such as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the soaring energy prices and supply shortages have accelerated inflation, all of which have increased concerns that the global economy continues to face an uncertain outlook.

At the same time, societal movement for carbon neutrality and circular economy and DX development have continued to change the world at an unprecedented speed. Under the circumstances, we view the change as a chance rather than a risk, we feel we have reached a very moment when we ascend to "the next new stage" and take on new challenges.

We have committed to establish business domains (“tags”) unique to Toyota Tsusho Corporation, accelerating innovations created by new values through connecting and combining our four key strategies, "Next Mobility Strategy", "Renewable Energy Strategy", "Circular Economy Strategy" and "African Growth Strategy" in line with our Key Sustainability Issues (Materiality), with carbon neutrality and circular economy.

All of us, with a future vision, pursue carbon neutrality and circular economy, chanting our slogan "passing on a better global environment to the children of the future", to continue to be trusted and chosen by customers.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all stakeholders who have supported us and would like to have continued support and advice.

Ichiro Kashitani

Ichiro Kashitani, President & CEO
1st of January 2023

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